Triathlon De Spa

I went there the week before the Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg. It was a small organisation and their first time so you can expect some little mistakes.
I checked in my bike there was room enough between the bikes that was really positive.
After that we watched the kids triathlon and the podium. After that we saw the start of the women’s. Start go, after 500m the woman got the signal that it’s her last lap in the 50m pool, she was annoyed and she got out of the pool saying I already did 500 I’m done, then the rest followed. They ran to there bikes. When everyone was out of the pool it was time for the guys to start. I was in a line with 5 people. Way to much, couldn’t swim seceno, after 500meter they also gave me the signal that it’s my last lap, I discussed a bit showing I did 500 but they didn’t understand because she was only french speaking and I thought what the heck I’ll quickly do 100meter extra, went out of the pool, little bit annoyed but it was over on the bike, it was a small fun triathlon so I didn’t care, the bike parcour was quite alot of up and downs and some bad roads for a triathlon bike, bit bike tools even fell from the bumbs so had to stop for that, lost some extra time, the when I finish the bike the run start. 3x 2km went well no problems and finish where was lots of drinks and food.
I’ll do this again but then with my road bike.

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